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Why uniforms are so important in a business environment?


Companies have many choices to make when it comes to their employees, including benefits, workwear, and specific policies governing the workplace. The choice whether to wear uniforms or not is a tough one, depending on the industry sector. For example, employees of restaurants and retail stores commonly have uniforms to distinguish themselves from customers. However, many staff members in offices do not, depending on the type of office. There are many important reasons for managing staff to choose uniforms for their employees, but, most of all, it is for the company image.

  • Clean, crisp uniforms promote a brand. On many ways, these uniforms show everyone your company’s standards and values. The uniforms and attitude of the employees will be the determining factor of whether or not the customer does repeat business with you. The uniforms help promote customer loyalty.
  • Uniforms engage customers. When potential customers walk into a building and see employees sitting around in jeans and t-shirts, they might think twice about bringing their business to a place where employees, management and owners do not take their jobs and business seriously. On the other hand, if employees are dressed in clean uniforms and look busy, customers feel more comfortable bringing their business back to back.
  • Uniforms help employees to feel part of the same team. Employees might have a hard time identifying with one another, especially when some are dressed better than others. When the playing field is level, employees can feel at ease with each other and function as a true team, instead of individuals.
  • Uniform colors can set the mood of the organization. If management chooses the color of their uniforms carefully, they can energize customers. Businesses where the mood is energetic need to have bright uniforms that make both the employees and customers feel energized. Controlling the mood helps businesses to both sell and promote their products.
  • You get what you pay for, so avoid cheap uniforms. You do not want the customers to think that your business is cutting corners, or that your products are cheap. Therefore, you need to make sure the uniforms are high quality.
  • The uniform reflects the corporate identity of your industry, but, at the same time, it has to be practical. You want your employees to be comfortable and able to move in the uniforms you select. Depending on the industry, the uniforms need to be durable, easy to clean, and attractive. Customers should feel that your employees look professional and that they know what they are doing. Wearing distinguishable uniforms helps customers trust the company and the workmanship of their products.

Uniforms have become the rule rather than the exception in recent years. More and more Ugandan have to wear uniforms to work, and those numbers are grow annually. Employees look professional when they come to work donning the company logo. Customers have come to expect this professional look and attitude to match it. Employees are part of a team and, when they look the part, they play the part.

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